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Wholesale Warranties

How we doubled Wholesale Warranties conversions with a website redesign

The Challenge

Wholesale Warranties, a nationally recognized RV Warranty broker, found themselves with a slow and outdated website that negatively impacted their SEO and conversion rate. They wanted a new website that was optimized for SEO, lead conversions, and speed, while also maintaining their national recognition and brand image established over 20 years ago. Having not updated their site in 10 years, they needed a fresh start to stay competitive in the market. 

The Assignment

Wholesale Warranties reached out to WebXd for a complete website overhaul. The new site needed to incorporate the latest best practices in UI/UX design, ADA compliance, SEO, and conversion optimization, while also maintaining their well-established branding to preserve the recognition they built over the past 20 years. Additionally, the site needed to clearly showcase the value of an RV warranty, explaining how it saves customers money and why Wholesale Warranties is the top broker in the business. Finally, the website needed to be carefully integrated with Wholesale Warranties Salesforce CRM to capture every lead. 

The Process

We kicked off the project by diving deep into Wholesale Warranties’ industry and market position. After a thorough analysis of their existing website, we pinpointed what was working and what needed improvement. Armed with these insights, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, wireframes, and detailed mockups.

Collaboration was key. We worked closely with the Wholesale Warranties team, ensuring every decision aligned with their vision and goals. Once the designs were approved, we moved on to building the website in a staging environment and integrating it seamlessly with their SalesForce CRM.

Finally, we launched the new website. The result? A modern, fast, and user-friendly site that not only preserved their brand identity but also significantly boosted their online presence.

Results in Numbers


Increase in New Website Users


Increase in Website Engagement

Client Name

Wholesale Warranties





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Website Redesign
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Search Engine Optimization

Thoughtful Collaboration

Our collaboration with the Wholesale Warranties not only brought their vision to life but also set new industry standards for user-friendly, engaging, and high-performance websites. 

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