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Advanced Image Robotics

How our website redesign and SEO process increased website engagement by 168%

The Challenge

Advanced Image Robotics (AIR) had grown significantly since their first website was designed, which was initially intended to simply attract investor interest. With the successful launch of their first product line, it became clear that their online presence needed an upgrade to reflect their progress and innovation. AIR required a new website that would effectively showcase their 3-tier robotics system—AIR One, AIR app, and AIRcloud—and illustrate how these components come together to form the AIR Platform. To add to the complexity, the website redesign needed to be completed within a tight two-month timeframe.

The Assignment

WebXd was brought on board to create a modern, tech-forward website that captured the innovative spirit of Advanced Image Robotics. The new design needed to be visually engaging and easy to navigate. The goal for the new website was to effortlessly illustrate the value of AIR One, AIR app, and AIRcloud. WebXd was also tasked with enhancing lead conversions by incorporating strategic design elements and clear calls to action. All these objectives needed to be met within the two-month deadline, which required a focused and efficient approach.

The Process

To meet the challenge, WebXd began with a thorough analysis of Advanced Image Robotics’ product line and market position. We collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and goals for their new website. Our design team then crafted a modern tech-forward layout that highlighted the 3-tier system and its integration into the AIR Platform. We focused on emphasizing an engaging user experience with intuitive navigation and compelling visuals. 

Simultaneously, our SEO specialists worked to ensure the site was optimized for search engines, incorporating relevant keywords and metadata to boost visibility. Our conversion experts focused on the strategic placement of calls to action, aiming to turn visitors into leads effectively. Throughout the process, we maintained open communication with Advanced Image Robotics to ensure alignment and make necessary adjustments.

The Results

Just 3 months after launch, our client experienced...


Increase in Website Users


Increase in Website Engagement

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Advanced Image Robotics





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Thoughtful Collaboration

Through our collaborative approach, with frequent milestone meetings and open lines of communication, we ensured AIR’s best interest was at the heart of every decision we made.