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Cascade 8 CMS Developer Support

WebXd offers specialized support for the Cascade 8 CMS by Hannon Hill. We function as an extension of your in-house marketing team to provide on-demand technical expertise when needed. From technical feature implementation to support, we enhance your content management processes by taking the burden of development off your hands.

Does your organization use Cascade 8 CMS?

Featured Case Study | UC Irvine

Improving the UC Irvine Online Experience

How we saved UC Irvine $85,000 through on-demand website technical support
Service: Cascade 8 CMS Support
Strategy: Web Design, Web Development


Our client, UC Irvine’s Office of Undergraduate Admission’s website is built on the Cascade 8 CMS. 

Financial Aid

Our client, UC Irvine’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship’s website is built on the Cascade 8 CMS. 


Our client, UC Irvine’s Office of Enrollment Management’s website is built on the Cascade 8 CMS. 

Benefits of Cascade 8 Vendor Support

Save Time.

Engaging a Cascade 8 CMS vendor, like WebXd, for website support not only proves to be a cost-effective solution but also a time-saving strategy for your organization. Instead of investing time in the recruitment and management of a full-time developer, you can quickly access the expertise of a dedicated team. WebXd's proficiency in the Cascade 8 CMS ensures efficient and prompt support, reducing the downtime associated with searching for qualified talent. This streamlined approach allows your organization to focus on core activities, accelerating project timelines, and responding promptly to evolving your needs.

Save Money.

Hiring a Cascade 8 vendor such as WebXd for technical support can significantly benefit your organization by offering a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time developer. With WebXd's expertise in Cascade 8 CMS, you gain access to a team of skilled professionals who can provide on-demand support tailored to your website's specific needs. This arrangement eliminates the financial burden associated with recruiting, training, and maintaining an in-house developer, allowing your organization to allocate resources more efficiently. By leveraging the services of a specialized vendor, you not only save money but also ensure that your website receives expert attention whenever required.

Save Resources.

Opting for a Cascade 8 CMS vendor like WebXd to handle website support not only presents a time-saving advantage but also serves as a resource-efficient solution for your organization. By outsourcing support tasks to a specialized vendor, you eliminate the need for investing resources in recruiting, training, and managing an in-house developer. This resource-efficient model ensures that your organization can allocate its budget and personnel more strategically, directing efforts towards core business functions.

Why Choose WebXd?

Based in the USA

Our team members are English-speaking and based in the United States.

One Point of Contact

You will have one tech-savvy project manager overseeing your entire project.

Government Certified

Since we hold various government certifications, we can help you meet your organization’s diversity goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cascade 8 CMS is an enterprise-level web content management system developed by Hannon Hill. Its infrastructure was built to accommodate dynamic and rapidly expanding websites. This CMS offers developers maximum flexibility, enabling them to tailor the system to meet the organization’s specific needs without affecting the live environment. Simultaneously, non-technical content contributors benefit from an intuitive interface that ensures ease of use. 

Cascade 8 caters to marketers, contributors, developers, and administrators. Noteworthy features include granular user permissions, content checks, a powerful workflow builder, and the capability to seamlessly publish to a staging and live server.

By striking a balance between flexibility for developers and user-friendly features for contributors, Cascade CMS stands as a powerful tool for achieving digital excellence in web content management.

Cascade 8 CMS has over 100,000 users across diverse industries, including government, education, and healthcare.

Hannon Hill maintains a published list of users on their website’s customer page. You can search through four different categories – education, government, healthcare, and general – to find your organization.

Engaging with a vendor for Cascade 8 CMS support offers distinct advantages over hiring an in-house developer. Firstly, a specialized vendor, such as WebXd, brings a team of experts with diverse skills and extensive experience in Cascade 8 CMS. This collective knowledge base surpasses what a single in-house developer may possess. 

Additionally, outsourcing to a vendor eliminates the costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining a full-time developer, providing a more cost-effective solution. Vendors often operate with flexibility, offering on-demand support tailored to your organization’s needs, thereby minimizing downtime and accelerating project timelines.

Finally, engaging with a vendor, like WebXd, for your Cascade 8 CMS support needs allows your organization to leverage expert assistance efficiently, without the long-term commitments and resource-intensive aspects associated with maintaining an in-house developer or development team.

Yes! We are currently accepting new clients. To start a conversation with us, please reach out via email:

Yes – WebXd is a certified small business on the federal, state and local level. We’re also a certified women’s owned business. For more information on our government certifications, please visit our government contracting page.

Our minimum contract duration is one year, with no maximum.
Our on-boarding process begins with a zoom discovery call. In this meeting, we’ll discuss your organization’s needs, budgets, and timelines. From there, we will write a proposal. If everything looks good, both parties sign contracts. Then your organization will have on-demand Cascade 8 CMS support.

Partnering with WebXd as your Cascade 8 CMS vendor offers many benefits. With a collective wealth of high-level experience in Cascade 8 CMS, our experts bring a deep understanding of the platform’s intricacies and problem-solving abilities. WebXd is also a proud small business certified vendor, which allows us to contribute to your organization’s diversity goals. By choosing WebXd, you not only gain access to top-tier Cascade 8 CMS support, but also align your organization with a partner dedicated to quality work and excellent customer service.